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The New and Exclusive Easy To Follow Plan To Help You  Learn To Love Your Body No Matter What You Have Tried Before

I know what it’s like to be at war with your body.

I know what’s it’s like to have that sinking feeling when you look in the mirror, and I know what it’s like to stick to the most punishing of diets, only to end up feeling defeated and desperate.

Many of the men and women I’ve coached know that feeling too. They’ve tried the starvation diets, the colour coded diets, the points diets, the protein-only diets and every other kind of diet, only to find themselves back where they started and feeling even more miserable in their bodies.

I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve worked with who exhaust themselves with exercise and never lose a pound. They blame themselves for not working hard enough or not eating little enough because if they did, surely they would lose weight, right?

There have been times in my life when I’ve run 10 miles every day and eaten next to nothing, all in pursuit of a number on the scale. I’ve eaten tissue paper to try and keep my weight down. I’ve been addicted to eating food and addicted to not eating food.

I HATED my body and I used it as a punching bag for every little thing that wasn’t right in my life.

It sucks to be constantly unhappy in your skin, right?

Feeling completely dependent on something, even though you know it’s holding you back, is soul destroying..

And I really understand what it’s like to feel like it is all completely out of your control.

This program is NOT for everyone…

I want to let you know right up front that the Empower program might not be for you.

It’s definitely not for you if:

• You ‘re not open to new ideas

• You actually quite like having something to complain about

• You want things to change but you don’t want to change anything

• You don’t like being challenged

• You’re still absolutely convinced that if you just train a bit harder and eat a bit less the weight will definitely come off (even though it’s never stayed off before)

• You consider your health and happiness to be something that should come at the lowest possible price.

If any of the above apply to you then this isn’t the right program for you right now. You might need to go round the dieting cycle a few more times before you realise that it’s not the answer you’re looking for.

If, however, you are absolutely fed up of dieting, hunger and being at the mercy of food cravings, then Empower is for you.

Have you ever decided not to go out because you can’t find anything to wear that you feel good in? It sucks, right?

Have you ever woken up in the morning and wished you could just stay in bed because you feel so down in the dumps about yourself?

Maybe you’re like many of the people I’ve coached who have over-eaten for as long as they can remember and lost hope of ever finding a way back to ‘normal’ eating? (They did, and you can too).

It might be that, like me, you’ve used food or another substance to help you cope with life’s trials and tribulations. And no matter how determined you are to ‘just be normal’ you always seem to find yourself in exactly the same position, clutching the biscuit tin/ glass of wine/ enter your crutch of choice here as if your life depended on it.

You know, one of my clients once told me that she would stop eating crisps “over her dead body”.

If the thought of being denied something makes you feel completely anxious, you are definitely not alone!

But it’s that very feeling that keeps you stuck in the mud.

Feeling completely STUCK is so demoralising, but there is a way forward!

First, just have a think about what will happen if you do nothing. How will it be if you just stay right where you are, doing things the way you’ve always done them?

Will you miss opportunities?

Will you fulfill your potential?

Can you handle another hardcore diet and punishing exercise regime that only delivers very short term results?

Or would you rather take a new, positive and uplifting approach and find a renewed sense of hope?

How is it the diet and fitness industry are selling people massive lies? 

Those lies keep people like you and I feeling like failures and feeling at war with our own bodies, when actually our bodies are the most astonishingly intelligent entities on the planet.

I had gone into the fitness industry with a burning desire to help people feel better about their bodies and happier in themselves, but by bowing down to cultural ideals I was unintentionally setting people up to fail.

It’s time to stop listening to the people cashing in on your insecurities!

I realised that far from helping people feel more self-confident, fitter and healthier, the diet and fitness industries were exacerbating the problem! They were encouraging disordered eating patterns and other limiting behaviours by encouraging everyone to ignore their bodies’ natural hunger and satiety cues and get thinner at all costs.

You can squeeze a size 6 foot into a size 4 shoe but staying in it will always be agony if not impossible!

And so I pledged to find the solution, for everyone that I coach, and also for myself. After all, I wanted to feel genuinely happy in my body and in myself, too!

I wanted to feel fit, healthy and happy on the inside. I wanted to be in a positive mood most of the time. I wanted to be able to go out for a nice dinner with my friends and not feel guilty about it.

And I wanted to look great on the outside, too.

Consequently I’ve spent the last decade tirelessly studying physiology, psychology, philosophy, dietetics, biology, biomechanics, art and religion, searching for the answer.

The solution that emerged out of years of research and blood, sweat and tears was a HUGE surprise!

It didn’t require willpower, or training for 5 hours a day, or years and years of childhood analysis.

The solution was far, far simpler.

The Empower program will take you step by step through the key stages to getting you back in touch with body.

It will help to relieve the anxieties you feel around your weight, your body, eating, drinking and exercise.

It will help you to genuinely like yourself more, have more compassion for yourself, and therefore enable you to experience the happiness and content that you deserve.

If you are done with feeling guilty for eating and are ready to put food back in its rightful and enjoyable place, then Empower is for you. 

If you’re ready to truly understand what makes you so reliant on certain crutches and FREE yourself from them, then Empower will teach you how.

If you want to feel more confident, more peaceful and happier within yourself, then this is for you.

If you want to be able to drop the mask and feel content with who you are, this is for you.

And if you want to defy the propaganda and learn what to eat to look and feel radiant, happy, fit and well, physically and mentally, then Empower is for you.

The program is delivered over 30 days and is a combination of video seminars, worksheets and email support.

It’s a no-fluff, concise program for people who are ready to dig a bit deeper into understanding what’s really going on from a scientific perspective, so that you can help yourself break free from emotional eating and other limiting behaviours.

It’s an interactive program so that you can apply all the information to your individual circumstances and start making progress right away.

Want a sneak preview of the program?

This is just a taster of what we’ll be covering:

Session 1: Know Your Why

– How to set goals that send your motivation through the roof

– Understanding what’s currently stopping you from moving forward

– How to get straight to the root of why you’re not already where you want

to be, and how to fix it

Session 2: Understanding Your Brain

– How your brain and nervous system function to protect you

– How and why you develop habits that you don’t want

– Why you struggle to overcome these habits even when you really want to

– The role of triggers and how to tranquilise them

Session 3: Learning to Love Your Body

– Understanding propaganda and how it’s put you at war with yourself

– How to feel better about yourself, in every way, RIGHT NOW.

– How your actions now can leave a long standing, liberating legacy

Session 4: The Psychology of Over Eating

– What’s really driving you to eat and why it’s hard to stop

– How the brain and nervous system impact unwanted eating

– The role of nutrition in putting food back in its rightful place

– The surprising impact of diets and other weight loss strategies

Session 5: What Is Emotional Trauma?

– Trauma and the nervous system

– Symptoms of trauma

– Why talk therapy isn’t always the most effective solution

– Effective solutions for working with emotions

– The sensorimotor treatment perspective

Session 6: Your Team

– The importance of social support

– Identify who’s helping and who’s hindering

– Choosing your team

– A deeper look at relationships

Session 7: Aligning Your Environment

– Identifying triggers

– Setting up your surroundings for success

Session 8: Filling The Tanks

– Understanding your needs for optimal function and fulfilment

– How to nourish yourself emotionally

– How to nourish yourself nutritionally

Session 9: Maintaining Focus

– Finding inspiration for a long term, positive relationship with yourself and your body.

– Tips for maintaining motivation

– Managing setbacks

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Remember, if nothing changes, nothing changes.

If dieting had worked for you, you probably wouldn’t be reading this page.

And if trying to adhere to the cultural ideal hasn’t made you feel good about yourself so far, is it ever going to?

Imagine what it would feel like to really like and understand yourself and your behaviours.

Imagine what it would be like to have your own back and feel in control of your actions.

Imagine what it would be like to wake up every morning understanding how amazingly well your body serves you and just what a brilliant piece of kit it is.

Go for it. Click the button below right now and let’s get going…

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